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The Drink Station

Since 2008 | Pearland, TX

The Drink Station all started in the beautiful and friendly city of Pearland, TX and was founded in March 2008 with a mission to offer a healthier alternative to your typical "drink shop."

Over the past 5 years, The Drink Station has been very active in the community and has continued to grow due to our strong ties in the surrounding areas, schools, civic clubs, and with its many regular customers!

The two owners attend the World Tea Expo each and every year to keep abreast with the world of tea and also to bring back the best and hottest teas available! 

One of our owners, Adrian Hernandez, has been in the tea business for over 13 years and prides himself on finding and stocking teas according to two philosophies: 1. I sell what I like and 2. I sell what my customers tell me that they like.

This is the reason why our selection might seem smaller than some other tea retailers. We're not in business to stock every tea on earth; we're in business to stock the teas that we think you'll enjoy the most. Typically, we add only 2-3 teas per year to our catalog while removing some if the harvest is not consistent for that year. We're finicky about our teas and that's why our customers say they love us!