Tea Leaf Tea Portion Spoon

Tea Leaf Tea Portion Spoon

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Natural Wood Tea Portion Spoon

This helps to answer that age old question of, "how do I know how much tea to put?" Well, scoop your tea onto this tea portion spoon and there's your answer!

This portion spoon works best with true teas such as green, black, oolong, white, and pu'erh. Herbal teas that are denser work well too but teas with a lot of flowers and large pieces of herbs will probably need two scoops (hey, it works for Raisin Bran). 

The best part about this spoon is that it's shaped like a tea leaf so you won't get it confused with your other wooden portion spoons. Also, it's inherently cute so you can use it as a conversation starter if you're really shy but need to find someone to satisfy your mom. 

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