giving back

Giving back

It's an important part of our business model. We feel as though giving back to our communities is one of the core tenants of owning and operating a business.



Our Partnership with


What is #1EQUALS10?

Our partnership with Wild Goose Coffee Roasters enables us to provide 10 pounds of food through donations to food banks for every 1 pound of coffee purchased. We use WGCR in all our espresso-based drinks including lattes, americanos, glacees, cappuccinos, macchiatos, etc.   

How much is donated per cup?

Each double shot of espresso equals 1/2 pound of food donated. That means YOU are directly responsible for donating 1/2 pound of food with every latte, glacee, cappuccino, etc that you purchase. If you're a fan of the Wide Awake! Glacee, then you're donating 1 pound with each purchase! Way to go!

Are there other coffee drinks that qualify?

Absolutely! While we don't use WGCR coffee for all our coffees in-store, if you subscribe to one of our Coffee of the Month Clubs, every time we ship you WGCR beans, you will also be donating at least 7.5 pounds of food along with your subscription price for that month.  

Community Gifts

Our annual gifts to local charities, non-profits, schools, and community events.

Annual Gifts

These are just a few of the organizations that we support with annual gifts made possible by your support. Your purchases do more than just pay the wages of our employees; they help fund critical support programs for communities both at home and abroad. Your dollars touch lives both near and far!

School Fundraisers

Since 2008, we have provided discounted or donated drinks to local schools and universities for them to use in order to raise funds for a variety of student programs and experiential learning opportunities. We have a longstanding record of successful fundraising efforts with local schools including Dawson High School, Pearland High School, Sharpstown High School, University of Houston - Main Campus, University of Houston - Clear Lake, University of Houston - Downtown, Rice University, Alvin Community College, San Jacinto College, and Houston Community College.

Make a Difference Mondays

Several times per year, we offer 10% of our sales on certain Mondays to local charities, non-profits, religious organizations, or school groups. We have, over the years, donated thousands of dollars and helped fund dozens of school programs in Pearland ISD, Dickinson ISD, Clear Creek ISD, Clear Falls ISD, Alvin ISD, and Houston ISD. Additionally, we have supported local arts organizations, law enforcement support organizations, community health fairs, and much more! 

Other Gifts

From time-to-time, The Drink Station fulfills requests for donations of both monetary and in-kind gifts. As we receive hundreds of requests per year from various organizations, we have no option but to be very selective with our gifting practices. To request a donation outside of the programs we outlined hereinabove, please complete our donation request form by clicking here. We will not accept requests via any other channels. Please allow 4-6 weeks for us to review your request and reply with out decision.