Tea Selection, Weather Pairing

Cold Mornings...

I live in Texas for several reasons but chiefly among them is the weather. I'm not a fan of the cold even in the slightest. Perhaps a little dip into the 50's or 60's every now and then isn't so bad for jogging but anything below that is just plain too cold for me. So, when the inevitable cold front comes through, I have to find ways to battle the chills.

This morning, I woke up with the blanket pulled up to my nose and it was only 44 outside. But, again, anything below 50 is C. O. L. D. cold to me; I must have lain there for a good 20 minutes before I finally coaxed myself out of bed. I knew I had to find some way to provide relief. A hot shower? That would require a brief moment of nakedness which meant being even colder. Throw my clothes in the dryer? That would require me to shower first which was already ruled out. A nice cup of tea? Oh yeah....


I ended up choosing the Ginger Hibiscus Assam Black Tea. It's strong aromatic presence was great for opening my eyes and the ginger was great for providing that warm sensation all the way into the belly. Some hot water and 3 minutes later, I had relief! 

Let me just say that I feel like a fool sometimes with all this tea laying around at the house. I mean, I really should make this my morning ritual more often. The amazing this about this particular tea is that the ginger is great for both cold and hot weather. When it's a thousand degrees outside - okay, maybe not a thousand but pretty close on some of those hot Texas days - the ginger's cooling crisp aftereffects leave me feeling refreshed.

Ahhh, would you look at me! I intended to write a blog entry on cold weather remedies and I ended up plugging summer. Ha! What can I say? I reallllly don't like the cold. I guess my mind is taking back to July in order to help me cope. What are some of YOUR favorite ways to warm up on those cold mornings?