Hanging out

So, this weekend I got the opportunity to hang out with a fellow tea shop owner. My new friend, Nick, from Minneapolis was down visiting in Austin so I drove up from Houston to meet him. We talked a lot about tea and I have to say that it was nice to meet with someone who was in the business.

Whenever I talk to other owners, I often get to share ideas with them and this was no different. While he didn't give me any ideas specifically, it did get me thinking about how I can improve our business and our relationship with our customers. So, I think I'm going to end up working on some tea of the month type categories for the website as well as come up with maybe a contest or two to help gear up some excitement around the wonderful teas that we have to share with you.

I invite you to hang out with me on the site as I start to implement some of these things. If you have any ideas or suggestions of your own, please feel free to contact us and I would love to take your input and actually apply it to our website. After all, our customers are our top priority!