Genmai Hoji Cha

Genmai Hoji Cha

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Genmai cha is a popular Japanese green tea with roasted rice and teensy weensy pieces of popcorn. Yes, popcorn. Hoji cha is a popular Japanese green tea that has, itself, been roasted. When you combine the two teas together, you get a cup of roasted heaven! It's a little sweet, a little nutty, and a whole lot of toasty warmth.

Honestly, this is one of our favorite breakfast time teas because of it's amazing aroma and hearty broth which wakes up the mind by stimulating the palette and the senses simultaneously.

Steeping Instructions: 

185° F 4-5 minutes

For best results, use natural spring water. 


Hoji cha green tea, roasted barley, and popcorn. 

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