Organic Valerian Root

Organic Valerian Root

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Valeriana officinalis

One of the oldest and most useful remedies on the books, the use of valerian root tea dates all the way back to the 4th century, when it was written about by Hippocrates. He prescribed it as a possible cure for insomnia or other sleep disorders, which is what it is still primarily used for to this day. Other uses for valerian root can include the treatment of nervous disorders, anxiety, and stress. It has a strong calming effect that many people prefer to prescription painkillers or sedatives, because it comes with far less side effects and is considered to be safer. It is smoked or injected in some countries, but most will prefer to drink it in a tea form, which is soothing in itself.

Steeping Instructions: 

208° F 4-5 minutes

For best results, use natural spring water. 



Organic valerian root.


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