Shizuoka Sencha Grade 3

Shizuoka Sencha Grade 3

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Sencha is the most commonly drunk green tea in Japan and is produced in many parts of the country. First flush tea, harvested from late April through mid-May, is considered the best of its kind. Sencha has the perfect balance of briskness and sweetness. Shizuoka is the major producing region in Japan which is near Mt. Fuji. 

Unlike many lower grade sencha teas, this Grade 3 Shizuoka has a balance sweet flavor without the "seaweed" aroma that many people associate with sencha teas. It is truly a high quality example of fine Japanese tea which is steeped in tradition and delicious flavor.

Steeping Instructions: 

155°F 1 minute

For best results, use natural spring water. 


Green tea. 

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