Taiwanese Micro-Green Tea 300 Mesh - 50g

Taiwanese Micro-Green Tea 300 Mesh - 50g


Information direct from the grower's blog:

1.) Why not just use matcha from Uji, Japan? One reason is cost -- I wanted to offer a powdered green tea that is economical enough for most people to enjoy whenever they want to... to have it as a simple daily ritual, not only for an elaborate ceremony. Another reason is that, deep in my heart, I want to promote steam-fired green tea from Taiwan with its unique cultivar -- Chinshin Dahpan [青心大冇] -- which I was often told by tea senbai (experts) is by far the best cultivar for making green tea. Combine that with theterroir of Taiwan, and the craftsmanship in manufacturing... I take great pride in introducing this fine product to tea lovers.

2.) Why name it Micro-Green Tea 300 ? Professionally, I know that this product should not be marketed as “matcha”, not only because its origin, also it is not made from shade-grown leaves, and not stone-ground from Tencha [碾茶] that specifically processed for the formal tea ceremony. We believe consumers deserve to know the difference. If I call it simply “Green Tea Powder” it sounds merely like a food ingredient, and this is much higher quality powdered green tea. So I thought, I’ll base the name on fact: we select superior steam-fired Taiwan green tea from an ISO 22000-certified tea factory; and we make sure the tea is cold-milled to a superfine "300-mesh” powder, which preserves the original quality from the tea leaves.

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